Welcome to KingSt. We’re a team dedicated to applying creative thinking at all levels to your business, bringing your story to life to help you grow.

EST. 1999

Two decades on and a lot has changed. There’s more ways to connect with busy, distracted, multimedia-tasking customers. Alongside this, we’ve grown to become a team of 20-plus talented professionals in our Hamilton and Tauranga offices.

Our full service offering gives us the ability to deliver top-level thinking and execution, from insight to idea to implementation. Our success and longevity has been based on an unwavering focus on developing effective solutions that lead to client success.

  1. Client success comes first, ours follows. Always in that order, no exceptions
  1. Long term partnerships are the best way to make sure we deliver on point one
  1. The media landscape is ever-changing; thankfully the importance of great ideas will never go out of fashion
  1. We love to keep our team busy and happy. That way they stay around for a while, helping to continue delivering on points 1, 2 and 3

Our 20th birthday called for a special assignment involving the whole team: A late night mission to make our mark on Hamilton!

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Community & Partners

Giving back is an important part of the KingSt ethos and we do this in a variety of ways. From industry mentoring and internships, to applying our expertise and talent to help like-minded organisations through sponsorship and support, we love being part of the communities we serve.

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