Word On The Street Newsletter - May 2016

Here’s a link to our latest showreel. There’s a wide range of material covering a good number of our clients. Really proud of this work – it represents an excellent snapshot of our creative ability along with our ability to work to all budget levels. If you want to be on the next showreel, give our talented team a call!

What is good design?

Can you really tell the difference between good design and bad? Images, colour, type, sound and motion all play with our senses and can convey different psychological messages. Sometimes the outcome can be pleasing and other times confusing. If we look at the detail of what determines a good video, website, brochure or online ad there are a few design principles to look out for:

  • Balance: The use of symmetry and asymmetry strikes a balance between type, image and negative space.

  • Harmony: It’s the pleasing feeling you get when all the elements work together.

  • Hierarchy: The ordering of elements from most important to least.

  • Simplicity: Keeping the number of elements to a minimum and the use of contrast (light vs dark).

All in all, good design should always attempt to be innovative and inspire the audience.

Risky Associations

As with all sponsorship or partnership arrangements, there is a risk that one party could tarnish another. The media have been all over The Bachelor's recent break-up, making fair mockery of a show about love, that has had a dismal result. So how do Michael Hill and Suzuki avoid the negative publicity? Everyone is watching you, what better opportunity to talk to your audience? The key is responding quick enough, being clever enough, and building on the attention. This ad 'news-jacks' in a relevant and clever way.

Consolidation in the Media Industry

Following the possibility of a merger between APN and Fairfax, TVNZ also announced a deal with Stuff making their One News videos available across the site this month.

The collaboration is part of a strategy to meet the increasing demand for video content, and will be provided via the Stuff website and Apps.

It’s great to see publishers committed to making the news stories that matter most to New Zealanders accessible to as many viewers as possible. From an advertising point of view, any opportunity to increase the potential audience is a great boost to a campaign. The Stuff audience hit an all-time high of more than 2 million New Zealanders last month. Viewer response will determine the length of this collaboration, so time will tell if this integrated approach will be the start to other publishers sharing content and encouraging joint ventures.

KPEX (Kiwi Premium Advertising Exchange) will handle sales for the video content and the companies will share advertising revenue. KPEX was a joint venture launched in 2015 between TVNZ, NZME, Fairfax, and Mediaworks. It offers agencies like King St a programmatic option for purchasing online advertising inventory.

Overcoming the great organic reach crisis

Yes, it is a thing, and sure, there are bigger crises in the world (Donald Trump anyone?). But when your posts, tweets, updates or grams can’t get to your audience it’s a big, expensive problem.

So what do you do? Unfortunately, you will need to spend some money promoting and boosting your social media activity. There’s no getting around that.

But there are other options. Add hashtags to your campaigns. They are a great way to categorise your content, create relevance, and get your business in front of people who otherwise wouldn’t see your content. Believe it or not people do trawl through #coffeeselfie.

Another option is tagging associated businesses and organisations in your content. This opens the potential for access to a like-minded follower base who might happily engage with your social activity and page.

If you would like tips or advice on how to promote your business through social media, get in touch.

Gold medal in packaging design

Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool Ltd together with KingSt developed a new box this year for packing avocados under the BayFarms brand for supply to fruit and vegetable retailers and wholesalers around New Zealand.

The eye-catching box, designed by King St, has just been named a gold medal winner at the ‘Pride In Print’ annual national awards in the packaging category.  

The aim was to design a box that felt authentic, familiar and trustworthy. “We wanted to create that farmers' market look and give people a sense of the fresh, high-quality fruit that is waiting inside.”

As well as avocados, similar boxes are being developed by King St for other Trevelyan’s fruit. 

Tongue of the Dog unveiled

King St are proud to be involved in the artistic improvement of Hamilton City, by creating the promotional material for the latest MESH Sculpture Hamilton installation. The newly erected sculpture ’Tongue of the Dog' by Michael Parekowhai was unveiled last week at the South end of Victoria Street. 

You may recognise the use of mathematical Cuisenaire Rods, your kids could make one at home!

Another King St Live Performance

Here's another great example of website design from the KingSt team for Clarence St Theatre. Check it out here;



Word On The Street Newsletter - April 2016

New trends, old moves

I found this quote on LinkedIn a couple of weeks back. Some good advice based on the amazing changes we’ve seen over the last few years. It’s also worth noting that when the radio was invented, it was deemed the end of the newspaper; then when TV came along it was going to do the same to both newspaper and radio. Then the internet was going to be the death of everything. What has actually happened is that they’ve all converged and, while our media behaviours have changed beyond description, other things haven’t. For example, great cut through ideas that are the result of compelling customer insights will always be the best way to get noticed, talked about, shared. All that’s changed is the number of platforms we have to converse with customers has grown. So if you want to go viral, don’t expect run of the mill to spread. You’ll always need a great, well executed idea to get the ball rolling.


Data and analytics are exciting

No really, they are. Or at least they can be. Actually they aren’t. It's what data and analytics can offer that is exciting.

It’s no secret that one of the great advantages of digital marketing is its measurability. You can look at bounce rates, cost-per-click, click-through rates, time on site and a host of other metrics.

What’s smart is what you can do with the lessons all that data provides. It allows you to know what return your investment is generating. It allows you to make sure you’re sending the right people to the right place. And when they get there, you can make sure they are doing what you want them to do. The first step is getting the technology (most of which is free!) in place.

If you’re not sure how to use your digital data and analytics to optimise your marketing, give us a call. It’ll be very exciting.

Mobile app use continues to rise

Mobile users are increasingly turning to messaging apps and avoid traditional calling and texting. Some telcos are now offering data-only plans to cater to a growing demographic who use message and calling apps via mobile data instead of the conventional alternatives.

According to a recent Roy Morgan survey of 11,000 people, online communication was the most common activity when using mobile data (32.5%), compared with 5.3% in 2010.

Newshub was launched on 1st February, as a multi-platform TV, radio and digital news service. The service aimed to provide the latest news and analysis. It was designed with a strong emphasis on digital, servicing web, mobile devices and social media much like the other competitive digital products already in the market. Here is an update on what the uptake of major news apps have been in the NZ market:

Total downloads:

ONE News: 500,000 (Android & Apple)

NewsHub: 153,632

NZ Herald: 95,192 (iOS), 38,698 (Android)

So what do those design peeps get up to?

Well design of course. But how does the process work? Whether working on a video, web design, a brochure or an online ad, every piece goes through some form of design process where we take the project brief and the initial concepts and develop something visually suitable for the intended audience. 

Understanding the target audience and what kind of design will resonate with them is crucial. Using a mood board is an efficient way to start any project, it captures the designer’s thought process and allows clients to share their feedback before any production has begun. A mood board should generally encompass samples of colour, typefaces, layouts, textures, photo style etc. The designer can use this mood board to create the winning formula and overall it makes the process more transparent.

A ballsy mens underwear campaign

A great example of bringing a campaign idea to life integrating "traditional" media with digital innovation...

This month, Bonds launched a full motion interactive digital billboard in Melbourne that displays and reacts to the weather… featuring “the boys” that shrink when it’s cold, and descend and hang freely when the weather heats up.

Take a peek at “the boys”…


The official ceremony

Adding to KingSt's overall IQ, Theresa now has the certificate to go with all her hard work after completing her Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness from the University of Waikato. Congratulations on your graduation Theresa.

Pursuing creative musings

It's great to see KingSt staff explore their talents in their own time as well as at work. Our Account Director Ami has been busy with her own venture, The Kiss Co. Her recently released kiwi inspired wrapping paper book is sure to be a big hit. If you have a hobby, interest or venture, we encourage you to take a leaf out of Ami's book (not literally) and go for it. As we like to say "Actions are always better than excuses".

Impending arrivals and resulting departures

With two babies due to join the KingSt family, we have maternity leave contracts available in both account management and media. If you know of some talented individuals who enjoy the challenge and environment of an ad agency, send them our way.



Word On The Street Newsletter - March 2016

Why full service agencies still make sense

There has been a fair amount in the media lately, pushing specialist agencies as the way forward, at the expense of full service agencies.

Quite frankly, I disagree and expect that eventually the pendulum will swing back the other way as full service agencies change their departmental weighting of resources to reflect the increasing emphasis on all things digital.

My reasoning is simple. Marketing Managers are generally time poor and in my experience prefer a strategic partner and one main point of contact, rather than having to manage multiple agencies that will always have differing opinions strategically and unfortunately feel that they’re often competing for their “slice of the pie”. Furthermore there will always be some overlapping amongst a group of specialist agencies, encouraging competition when collaboration is required. The time involved in managing multiple agencies is one thing, while keeping everyone "on strategy" ongoing is quite simply inefficient.

The key for a full service agency like King St is to make sure we continue to have a strong team of highly skilled generalists and specialists…effectively the same people you’d find in multiple specialist agencies, but all under one roof and one brand with one objective – delivering great results for our clients.

Tim Paton
General Manager

Stay a Step Ahead

KingSt have been a partner of Fieldays for over 16 years now, and 2016 as always, is bigger and better than those gone before. Chris has been imparting his words of wisdom for exhibitors, and we have new TV ads on air next week, in keeping with our Stay a Step Ahead positioning.

Fieldays leads the way in New Zealand agriculture, and offer’s exhibitors over 100,000 visitors throughout the event. If you are targeting an agricultural audience, Fieldays exhibiting could be a valuable part of your annual marketing activity. We can talk you through what’s involved, how to get a great site and how best to engage with your customers at Fieldays 2016.

Eyes peeled for the Olympics

SKY has acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games until 2024 on all media platforms. These include: Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, Olympiad Tokyo 2020, Winter Games Beijing 2022 and the Olympic Games 2024, the host city of which has yet to be elected.

86% of New Zealanders watched the London 2012 Olympic Games (equivalent to 3.5 million viewers across Prime and SKY). 

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games take place 6 - 22 August 2016. More than 10,000 athletes will compete in 28 sports, this year’s event includes golf and rugby sevens.

With a great line up of team members selected from the Waikato/BOP region for 2016, this is a golden opportunity for local advertisers to align their brands with this prestigious sporting event. Talk to our media team about opportunities and recommendations for advertising packages across the network.

Creative Eggcellence

What better way to get into the Easter spirit than to have an egg decorating competition. All of our King St staff put forward an entry, and as you can expect with a couple of rooms full of creative people there were some great entries. From crochet hens to Donald Trump and everything in between, it was great to see what the team came up with. Prizes were awarded across an array of category's; best last minute entry, most political, best disguised egg, best movie theme egg, most kiss-ass egg, best faberge egg and most importantly - Judy's favourite.

Remembering our fallen brother

12 months ago we bid farewell to our valued colleague and dear friend, Konrad Smith. Taken from us at the tender age of 38. It turned out Konrad’s heart gave up on him which added even further to the injustice of it all, given he was one of the most big hearted characters you could hope to meet. Calling his death a shock is nothing short of an understatement and, to this day, we are still reeling from it. He left a massive gap that we will never hope to fill, putting to rest the notion that no one is irreplaceable. Konrad proved this to be completely wrong. Our thoughts continue to go out to his family and vast network of friends who are all struggling to deal with the shock.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support over the last 12 months. And to Konrad Smith, thanks for lighting up our lives. Rest easy.

Watch the tribute video »



Word on the Street Newsletter - February 2016

It’s great to be back at King St after a four and a half month sabbatical.

It took a tragedy – the loss of Konrad Smith in March – along with the feeling I needed a true break after 16 years at the coalfaces to help me decide to take the sabbatical I’d thought about doing for a couple of years.

It was great. My wife and I spent a month travelling through Europe; when we returned I took up a space upstairs at the Meteor where I worked on some of my own projects including finishing off my musical. Along with this I was house Dad, sorted out the garden, checked in with a few friends who I only seemed to have contact with in the virtual space and generally chilled. It was busy but not stressful.

What was the best outcome? Change. I’ve made some changes to my overall workload and we'll be making some positive changes at King St. 

On top of this, it helped me realise that the business can function very well without me and we have strong leaders that are able to step up. So I recommend sabbaticals and if you’re thinking about taking one, plan it, have a plan for what you’re going to do and book it in. 

Chris Williams

Cupid's advertising arrow strikes

It's great to see an iconic New Zealand beer brand running a humorous "Valentines" ad on February 14… and without doubt a dozen Lion Red would be a lot cheaper than a dozen red roses! Likewise Tower Insurance stepped up to help out with their clever "Valentine Insurance" campaign - offering anyone who had forgotten Valentine's Day to make a claim to win a romantic dinner for two at a top Auckland restaurant that night.

Topical advertising can be a great opportunity to let your brand's personality shine - we'd love to come up with some ideas for your brand...

Facebook leads the way, again

Keeping your finger on the pulse in the digital space is essential (and a constant battle). Facebook has led the way in constant reinvention with absolute mastery, and their latest advertising offering is no different.

Lead ads, which allow users to easily sign up to receive information from businesses they care about, were introduced just a few months ago. And yet two new features have already been added to improve the experience for both network users and advertisers. No mean feat for a business that big!

Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher – take the time to stay relevant and keep up with the latest trends in the digital space. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts! If you'd like some advice on how to continuously reinvent your digital presence, give us a call.

Consumers demanding more video on-demand

Consumers have gotten used to demanding video content be available at their finger tips, wherever they are and whenever they want.

With over 279 million video ads served and over 1 billion minutes of content watched in 2015, TVNZ continues to develop new touch-points with NZ viewers.

New platforms are in the works for Apple TV and Xbox in 2016; this will join the existing onDemand, PlayStation and ONE News Now platforms.

Rosie heads to Europe!

Rosie the Dairy NZ cowbassador is on her big OE to see for herself what happens to the milk that New Zealand exports. She is currently travelling around Europe and reports back to kiwi kids weekly via Skype, Facebook and her travel blog so they can also learn about the dairy industry straight from the cow's mouth! By visiting each week, kids can discover just how far New Zealand dairy products go and use their new knowledge to enter Rosie’s cowpetition and win an amazing adventure pack.

Check out the cowpetiton now

Welcome to the KingSt extended family

We're sure you will join us in congratulating our Digital Executive Pooja, on the safe arrival of a baby boy born on the 12th February. His name is Divik Gupta and Mum and baby are both healthy and enjoying their family time. We are looking forward to Pooja returning to work when Divik gets a bit bigger!



Word on the Street Newsletter - January 2016

There’s always something exciting, refreshing and motivating about starting a new year. Here at King St we’ve hit the ground running in 2016 with a great win by our Media Department (read below) and commencing production for some large scale TVCs. We’re looking forward to a very positive year ahead where we will continue to focus on building strong partnerships with our existing and new clients by delivering industry leading service, skills and creativity. I’d like to extend an open invitation to all of you to come in and visit us in either of our Hamilton or Tauranga offices sooner rather than later.

All the best for 2016!


Tim Paton
General Manager

A win-win for Hamilton City Council and King St

King St's media department have kicked off the new year with a great win...
As part of an open EOI and shortlisted interview process, we are thrilled to announce that King St has been appointed the media buyer for Hamilton City Council. The account encompasses all the Hamilton City Council Communications Unit and facilities such as; H3, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton Libraries, Hamilton Pools as well as Waikato Museum. We look forward to providing optimum media services to our new client while continuing to grow our involvement in the local business community.


The birth of NewsHub

Traditional media is facing huge challenges to keep up with consumer habits as the way we consume content and connect with the world is changing at a rapid pace. TV3 has had a tough past year with declining ratings leading to the axing of Campbell Live. News bulletins, which were once appointment viewing, are now struggling to interact with viewers.

Facebook, Twitter, websites and radio have the ability to publish a story almost instantly after media embargo is lifted in the morning. Audiences want to be informed, engage in debate, and most importantly they want to do it now. Hence the birth of multi-platform, interactive media channels.

MediaWorks is taking the risk of alienating its mature viewers by throwing out the 3News brand, however there’s an opportunity for the NewsHub to add value to their reporting - more analysis, more context. It's less about what happened - more about why. And it won’t take long for audiences to make up their mind if this is a good change or not.

Is 360-degree advertising the next big thing?

The next big technological development in cameras is 360 Video, where the camera simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene - allowing viewers to pan and rotate to watch the video from different angles. Facebook have been testing 360 Video and recently debuted the technology with an immersive Star Wars clip created exclusively for Facebook, allowing you to speed across the Jakku desert… Watch how the technology works. Along with other major camera companies, GoPro are developing a consumer 360 degree camera - so watch this space as the technology becomes available… we see a lot of potential for integrating 360 Video into your advertising….

Chef De Can comes to life on the big screen

Our in-house team at King St have just created a new animated 30 second cinema commercial for Tatua's "Chef De Can Chocolate Mousse". Adopting some of the latest animation technology, we brought our Chef's hat to life to tell kids how they can make an easy peasy, one squirt, quick dessert!

View the animation here

Psst....look out for the new flavour Chef De Can Strawberry Mousse, on supermarket shelves in February. Keep it under your hat!

Stay mobile-optimised in 2016

The huge growth in mobile web traffic is not a new trend. In fact it has been playing out ever since the introduction of the first true smartphones in the mid-2000s.

Despite this, there is a surprising number of businesses missing out on a massive amount of mobile traffic by not having a website that is truly mobile optimised. Displaying content correctly on mobile devices is part of it, but offering a great user experience on mobile devices is also incredibly important. Many businesses have already moved beyond mobile sites to mobile applications to achieve this. These applications can do everything mobile websites can do, but more quickly, intuitively and conveniently, and with more functionality.

The question to ask: How easy are you making it for mobile browsers to explore your business online? With the growth in app indexing and promotion, we're picking many businesses will soon find themselves two trends behind the eight-ball (and possibly their competitors).