New trends, old moves

I found this quote on LinkedIn a couple of weeks back. Some good advice based on the amazing changes we’ve seen over the last few years. It’s also worth noting that when the radio was invented, it was deemed the end of the newspaper; then when TV came along it was going to do the same to both newspaper and radio. Then the internet was going to be the death of everything. What has actually happened is that they’ve all converged and, while our media behaviours have changed beyond description, other things haven’t. For example, great cut through ideas that are the result of compelling customer insights will always be the best way to get noticed, talked about, shared. All that’s changed is the number of platforms we have to converse with customers has grown. So if you want to go viral, don’t expect run of the mill to spread. You’ll always need a great, well executed idea to get the ball rolling.


Data and analytics are exciting

No really, they are. Or at least they can be. Actually they aren’t. It's what data and analytics can offer that is exciting.

It’s no secret that one of the great advantages of digital marketing is its measurability. You can look at bounce rates, cost-per-click, click-through rates, time on site and a host of other metrics.

What’s smart is what you can do with the lessons all that data provides. It allows you to know what return your investment is generating. It allows you to make sure you’re sending the right people to the right place. And when they get there, you can make sure they are doing what you want them to do. The first step is getting the technology (most of which is free!) in place.

If you’re not sure how to use your digital data and analytics to optimise your marketing, give us a call. It’ll be very exciting.

Mobile app use continues to rise

Mobile users are increasingly turning to messaging apps and avoid traditional calling and texting. Some telcos are now offering data-only plans to cater to a growing demographic who use message and calling apps via mobile data instead of the conventional alternatives.

According to a recent Roy Morgan survey of 11,000 people, online communication was the most common activity when using mobile data (32.5%), compared with 5.3% in 2010.

Newshub was launched on 1st February, as a multi-platform TV, radio and digital news service. The service aimed to provide the latest news and analysis. It was designed with a strong emphasis on digital, servicing web, mobile devices and social media much like the other competitive digital products already in the market. Here is an update on what the uptake of major news apps have been in the NZ market:

Total downloads:

ONE News: 500,000 (Android & Apple)

NewsHub: 153,632

NZ Herald: 95,192 (iOS), 38,698 (Android)

So what do those design peeps get up to?

Well design of course. But how does the process work? Whether working on a video, web design, a brochure or an online ad, every piece goes through some form of design process where we take the project brief and the initial concepts and develop something visually suitable for the intended audience. 

Understanding the target audience and what kind of design will resonate with them is crucial. Using a mood board is an efficient way to start any project, it captures the designer’s thought process and allows clients to share their feedback before any production has begun. A mood board should generally encompass samples of colour, typefaces, layouts, textures, photo style etc. The designer can use this mood board to create the winning formula and overall it makes the process more transparent.

A ballsy mens underwear campaign

A great example of bringing a campaign idea to life integrating "traditional" media with digital innovation...

This month, Bonds launched a full motion interactive digital billboard in Melbourne that displays and reacts to the weather… featuring “the boys” that shrink when it’s cold, and descend and hang freely when the weather heats up.

Take a peek at “the boys”…


The official ceremony

Adding to KingSt's overall IQ, Theresa now has the certificate to go with all her hard work after completing her Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness from the University of Waikato. Congratulations on your graduation Theresa.

Pursuing creative musings

It's great to see KingSt staff explore their talents in their own time as well as at work. Our Account Director Ami has been busy with her own venture, The Kiss Co. Her recently released kiwi inspired wrapping paper book is sure to be a big hit. If you have a hobby, interest or venture, we encourage you to take a leaf out of Ami's book (not literally) and go for it. As we like to say "Actions are always better than excuses".

Impending arrivals and resulting departures

With two babies due to join the KingSt family, we have maternity leave contracts available in both account management and media. If you know of some talented individuals who enjoy the challenge and environment of an ad agency, send them our way.