It’s great to be back at King St after a four and a half month sabbatical.

It took a tragedy – the loss of Konrad Smith in March – along with the feeling I needed a true break after 16 years at the coalfaces to help me decide to take the sabbatical I’d thought about doing for a couple of years.

It was great. My wife and I spent a month travelling through Europe; when we returned I took up a space upstairs at the Meteor where I worked on some of my own projects including finishing off my musical. Along with this I was house Dad, sorted out the garden, checked in with a few friends who I only seemed to have contact with in the virtual space and generally chilled. It was busy but not stressful.

What was the best outcome? Change. I’ve made some changes to my overall workload and we'll be making some positive changes at King St. 

On top of this, it helped me realise that the business can function very well without me and we have strong leaders that are able to step up. So I recommend sabbaticals and if you’re thinking about taking one, plan it, have a plan for what you’re going to do and book it in. 

Chris Williams

Cupid's advertising arrow strikes

It's great to see an iconic New Zealand beer brand running a humorous "Valentines" ad on February 14… and without doubt a dozen Lion Red would be a lot cheaper than a dozen red roses! Likewise Tower Insurance stepped up to help out with their clever "Valentine Insurance" campaign - offering anyone who had forgotten Valentine's Day to make a claim to win a romantic dinner for two at a top Auckland restaurant that night.

Topical advertising can be a great opportunity to let your brand's personality shine - we'd love to come up with some ideas for your brand...

Facebook leads the way, again

Keeping your finger on the pulse in the digital space is essential (and a constant battle). Facebook has led the way in constant reinvention with absolute mastery, and their latest advertising offering is no different.

Lead ads, which allow users to easily sign up to receive information from businesses they care about, were introduced just a few months ago. And yet two new features have already been added to improve the experience for both network users and advertisers. No mean feat for a business that big!

Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher – take the time to stay relevant and keep up with the latest trends in the digital space. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts! If you'd like some advice on how to continuously reinvent your digital presence, give us a call.

Consumers demanding more video on-demand

Consumers have gotten used to demanding video content be available at their finger tips, wherever they are and whenever they want.

With over 279 million video ads served and over 1 billion minutes of content watched in 2015, TVNZ continues to develop new touch-points with NZ viewers.

New platforms are in the works for Apple TV and Xbox in 2016; this will join the existing onDemand, PlayStation and ONE News Now platforms.

Rosie heads to Europe!

Rosie the Dairy NZ cowbassador is on her big OE to see for herself what happens to the milk that New Zealand exports. She is currently travelling around Europe and reports back to kiwi kids weekly via Skype, Facebook and her travel blog so they can also learn about the dairy industry straight from the cow's mouth! By visiting each week, kids can discover just how far New Zealand dairy products go and use their new knowledge to enter Rosie’s cowpetition and win an amazing adventure pack.

Check out the cowpetiton now

Welcome to the KingSt extended family

We're sure you will join us in congratulating our Digital Executive Pooja, on the safe arrival of a baby boy born on the 12th February. His name is Divik Gupta and Mum and baby are both healthy and enjoying their family time. We are looking forward to Pooja returning to work when Divik gets a bit bigger!