There’s always something exciting, refreshing and motivating about starting a new year. Here at King St we’ve hit the ground running in 2016 with a great win by our Media Department (read below) and commencing production for some large scale TVCs. We’re looking forward to a very positive year ahead where we will continue to focus on building strong partnerships with our existing and new clients by delivering industry leading service, skills and creativity. I’d like to extend an open invitation to all of you to come in and visit us in either of our Hamilton or Tauranga offices sooner rather than later.

All the best for 2016!


Tim Paton
General Manager

A win-win for Hamilton City Council and King St

King St's media department have kicked off the new year with a great win...
As part of an open EOI and shortlisted interview process, we are thrilled to announce that King St has been appointed the media buyer for Hamilton City Council. The account encompasses all the Hamilton City Council Communications Unit and facilities such as; H3, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton Zoo, Hamilton Libraries, Hamilton Pools as well as Waikato Museum. We look forward to providing optimum media services to our new client while continuing to grow our involvement in the local business community.


The birth of NewsHub

Traditional media is facing huge challenges to keep up with consumer habits as the way we consume content and connect with the world is changing at a rapid pace. TV3 has had a tough past year with declining ratings leading to the axing of Campbell Live. News bulletins, which were once appointment viewing, are now struggling to interact with viewers.

Facebook, Twitter, websites and radio have the ability to publish a story almost instantly after media embargo is lifted in the morning. Audiences want to be informed, engage in debate, and most importantly they want to do it now. Hence the birth of multi-platform, interactive media channels.

MediaWorks is taking the risk of alienating its mature viewers by throwing out the 3News brand, however there’s an opportunity for the NewsHub to add value to their reporting - more analysis, more context. It's less about what happened - more about why. And it won’t take long for audiences to make up their mind if this is a good change or not.

Is 360-degree advertising the next big thing?

The next big technological development in cameras is 360 Video, where the camera simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene - allowing viewers to pan and rotate to watch the video from different angles. Facebook have been testing 360 Video and recently debuted the technology with an immersive Star Wars clip created exclusively for Facebook, allowing you to speed across the Jakku desert… Watch how the technology works. Along with other major camera companies, GoPro are developing a consumer 360 degree camera - so watch this space as the technology becomes available… we see a lot of potential for integrating 360 Video into your advertising….

Chef De Can comes to life on the big screen

Our in-house team at King St have just created a new animated 30 second cinema commercial for Tatua's "Chef De Can Chocolate Mousse". Adopting some of the latest animation technology, we brought our Chef's hat to life to tell kids how they can make an easy peasy, one squirt, quick dessert!

View the animation here

Psst....look out for the new flavour Chef De Can Strawberry Mousse, on supermarket shelves in February. Keep it under your hat!

Stay mobile-optimised in 2016

The huge growth in mobile web traffic is not a new trend. In fact it has been playing out ever since the introduction of the first true smartphones in the mid-2000s.

Despite this, there is a surprising number of businesses missing out on a massive amount of mobile traffic by not having a website that is truly mobile optimised. Displaying content correctly on mobile devices is part of it, but offering a great user experience on mobile devices is also incredibly important. Many businesses have already moved beyond mobile sites to mobile applications to achieve this. These applications can do everything mobile websites can do, but more quickly, intuitively and conveniently, and with more functionality.

The question to ask: How easy are you making it for mobile browsers to explore your business online? With the growth in app indexing and promotion, we're picking many businesses will soon find themselves two trends behind the eight-ball (and possibly their competitors).