Welcome to the first edition of Word on the Street, our monthly update of what's been happening here at KingSt and in the advertising world. Due to its timing, it's also a 'festive edition!'

This year KingSt are spreading the Christmas spirit by making a donation to the incredible team at the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and the BayTrust Rescue Helicopter. Unfortunately, they have a lot of lives to save at this time of year, and we hope this donation helps make someone's Christmas better than it might have been.

We'd like to wish you and your families a merry and safe Christmas. We look forward to seeing you again soon, have a great one!

Tim Paton
General Manager

Sizzling facts about your summertime audience

Traditional media consumption decreases over the Christmas and New Year holidays. So how can you keep in touch with your audience without being intrusive?

  • 250,000 NZ'ers own a wearable device (59% up on Q1 2015).

  • Book readers are 18% more likely to buy or subscribe to magazines.

  • 151,000 New Zealander's talk to people they do not know online.

  • Males aged 18-24 are 3.7 times more likely to do this than all people 10+.

  • Tactical media like mobile/tablet advertising, gaming consoles, ambient/outdoor, radio promos and smart online advertising are great ways to capture holidaymakers.

Base: All people 10+ | Source: Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights Q3 2014 – Q2 2015

Welcome to KingSt, Theresa

Theresa Speedy is our fabulous new Account Exec in the Hamilton office. Fresh out of University, having studied both a Bachelor of Digital Design at AUT and a Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness from the University of Waikato, she has hit the ground running. Theresa is a Waikato country girl, having grown up in the dairy community of Ngatea. Welcome aboard Theresa, we're stoked to have you on the KingSt team!

Planets or starbursts?

Is emotional advertising the way to win fans? UK retailers seem to think so. Rather than trying to loosen customers' purse strings with the competitive price-driven deals we see in NZ, this approach sees UK retailers pulling at customers' heartstrings with emotive storytelling campaigns. This year John Lewis took their campaign to a whole new level… to space… with the magical tale of a young girl, Lily, who looking through the family telescope one night discovers a man on the moon. A beautiful story that leads to their Christmas campaign positioning of "Show someone they're loved this Christmas". A lovely brand advert with multi-level campaign extensions; and not a product, price or starburst in sight! An opportunity for a New Zealand retailer to take an emotive approach for Christmas? We think so. Watch the video »

Have we reached peak social media?

Social networks are now collectively one of the largest media markets in the world, with billions of users active every day across a variety of social channels. But with so much growth, we’re now consistently seeing new entrants into New Zealand’s social media market along with a resulting increase in fragmentation. As marketers and advertisers, this can make maximising reach and engagement within our target audience and running efficient social campaigns more difficult. Growing social media fatigue is also creating difficulties in maintaining connections with audiences. 

Businesses on social media need to be even more targeted and strategic in how they use their social channels. Doing something is no longer enough. Doing a few things really well is what counts. Just ask KingSt.