It’s a great Chinese proverb and very relevant as we come out of the recession. 

But it would be wrong to assume that just because the tide is rising, every business will rise at the same rate. A lot depends on how you have fared during the recession and how seaworthy your boat is as a result of the rough seas we’ve all been through. 

One of the keys will be how to market effectively in the new environment we now find ourselves in. And it’s fair to say it’s totally different to what it was when the recession hit.

So much has changed since then – cost structures, ways of communicating, expectations, behaviours and values among many others. In our profession by far the biggest change has been the rise of social media. Facebook alone has become a juggernaut and, now they have cracked the mobile space, will gain an even stronger foothold into our marketing repertoire.

But some things have never changed, and never will.  Brand loyalty can only really be validated and cemented through positive user experience and great ideas will never go out of style.

We’ve developed a five point checklist on what to do to prepare your boat to rise with the tide, and maybe even get higher:

  1. Audit your digital presence – your websites, social media pages, databases, SEO, adwords, YOUTUBE channel, online ads. Are they in keeping with your brand look and feel? Is your website design responsive for mobile and tablet? Do all your digital elements talk to one another? Are you maximising their potential?
  2. Assess your brand and refresh, redesign, evolve where required. Is your value proposition still current? Does it align with your brand look and feel and the language you use? Are you proud of how you are portrayed? Is your image right for the markets you serve? And…does the user experience match all the promises you make?
  3. Run the ruler over your media mix. How people consume media changes all the time. And with the rise of digital media, you need to make sure you are well covered with display, search, adwords, and social. But also look at how you are spending across all other media – TV, radio, print, outdoor etc and make sure you are targeting your audiences at an optimal level.
  4. Invest in ideas. Many companies spend top dollar on lawyers and accountants but cut corners on creative development and execution. Cutting through, getting noticed, capturing the hearts and minds of customers, is all about getting great creative ideas in place and putting the smartest media strategy in place. While everything else changes around you, great ideas will never go out of style.
  5. Get a plan. What’s your marketing vision? Your goals? Your aspirations for growth? What are the key initiatives you need to put in place to take you to the next level? A well thought out plan will make sure you get there.

We can help you with all of these aspects of your business, so get in touch if you want to keep rising with the tide.