Several years ago, in response to a public perception brief, King St developed an animated cow called Rosie for DairyNZ. Rosie is a charming and endearing character with a great sense of humour. As the official Cowbassador for the dairy industry, Rosie’s purpose is to help kids, parents and teachers learn about the contribution and impact that dairy farming has in New Zealand.

Rosie travels around the country to learn about and document dairy farming.  Her latest travels have involved discovering who is making a significant contribution to the industry and the handing out of responsible dairying awards to stand-out recipients.

There are a significant number of components to the campaign, including media modules, shows, competitions, along with a new video style that merges real-life footage with 2D and 3D animation.

King St (in conjunction with Flux Animation), have created three new Rosie videos this year, and they have proven to be a real hit with kids and parents alike.  The new animation style allows the flexibility of merging real-life activity with imagination, adding new talking characters to the Rosie family and bringing another story-telling dimension to the campaign.

The videos include Environment, Animal Welfare, and Community.

Check them out here: